Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Homeowner: Ana Gladys Bonilla

This morning was exciting. Millard Fuller, Jeff Abbott, Fuller's director of operations in Latin America and I took off to meet some of the new homeowners in the neighborhood around the project. It was nice to get away from the dust and noise of the construction site and get into the community to see the conditions that the people here must endure. By lunch any lingering doubt of our mission here was erased. 

Our first stop was at the home of Ana Gladys who lives with her husband Santos and their four children in a home that is made mostly of bamboo framing and black trash bags. They do have a bit of tin on the roof, but it leaks and is only borrowed from a neighbor. They have packed dirt floors and a little gas fired indoor kitchen. There is no plumbing, but they share a nearby outhouse with three other families. 

Ana's substandard house has made it through two rainy seasons here in El Salvador, but thankfully won't have to last a third. Soon she will have a beautiful new home built solidly of brick and concrete with doors, windows and a cement floor. Hope is on the horizon for Ana Gladys and her family... literally... for from her yard you can see the walls rising on her new home and 15 others just across an open field. 

For a 360 degree panoramic view of Ana Gladys home, please CLICK HERE. For a view of her yard please CLICK HERE. To read more about Ana Gladys, please visit www.fullercenter.org

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