Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Road Trip Wednesday

We started out at day break and headed up into the mountains to a small village called La Concordia. The village is populated by a cooperative of coffee farmers who work together from the youngest to the oldest to harvest and sell their coffee on the U.S. Fair Trade markets. You can learn more details about the visit at David Snell's Travel Blog. Here is one of my favorite photos of the day. It is of Don Antonio and his wife inside their home. It is truly a beautiful place and the village folk certainly deserve better homes. Keep an eye out for this project coming up. If you like to climb... it's your kind of build!
After seeing the village and visiting several homeowners we headed back down to Tacuba to meet with several of the farmers at the coop headquarters. The town itself is peaceful and looks out over the volcanic mountains that surround it. 
Most of the meeting was foreign to me because my Spanish is so rusty. But it was wonderful to see such a group of men working together for the common good of the village and it's people. We could all learn lessons here.

After we left the meeting we had a wonderful lunch at of of the members houses and then headed to the San Jose orphanage to visit what must be the most cheerful, beautiful girl's home I have ever set foot in. If you ever get close, you really must visit. 
Please take the time to check out MORE PHOTOS HERE of our trip to Tacuba and beyond.

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