Monday, November 10, 2008

A Year

What a difference a year can make. 

Things have changed for me in so many ways. I am now married to a beautiful, loving woman. I have a new, fantastic job in a great city. And most important to this context. We now own our own home. For several years now I have worked with the Fuller Center for Housing building homes in Shreveport, La. and documenting their project there. So the idea of volunteer house building is not new to me. 

However, next week when Frances and I leave our new home in Tulsa and fly to El Salvador, I think I will have a more profound understanding of what it means to the people we are helping to build their own homes. To have a place to call your own is a feeling like no other. To have solid, affordable housing is a security that no one should go without. 

This trip means a lot to me in many ways. I am going primarily to document the project. To tell you about the needs and to show you the work being done. But it's also our honeymoon.

When I first talked to Holly at the Fuller Center she said "You know, I am not suggesting that you do a blitz build for your honeymoon, but if you do...."

I thought about it for a while and then I called Frances and sheepishly pitched the idea to her. In an instant the decision was made and we were making plans. 

Now that the wedding is past us, I am getting excited about making plans for the trip south and I am super excited to see all of my Fuller Center friends. I hope that if you aren't making the trip this year you will check back here from time to time and wish us all the best. 

More to come, but for now, here is an overview of the project from the Fuller Center. 

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