Tuesday, September 11, 2007

ATTN: Local Volunteers!

OK, now it's time for the locals to pony up. The Fuller Center is looking for people to work all next week Sept. 17-21 for the Blitz Build. If you can work during the day, that's great, but you can also be an Evening Elf and help get the sites ready for the work crews the next day.

BUT if you can't get off during the week or even if you can, Glen tells me he is desperate for help the Saturday and Sunday BEFORE the blitz. That would be this coming weekend, the 15th and 16th.

They will be trying to get a head start on one of the houses by getting the walls and the trusses up and in place. There is work for anyone who will help, but especially for those willing to lift a bit of weight. Please don't let that scare you off though. I have seen amazing things happen through teamwork.
If you can help, please email Brenda Barton at volunteercoordinatorfch@yahoo.com and they will get you all fixed up!

I am telling you from experience, if you can only volunteer one or two days, these are the days to be there. When you get there, it will be a flat concrete foundation and when you leave you will see the framed skeleton of a brand new house. Nothing will make you feel better.

Well... maybe the shower that night ;)

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