Monday, September 17, 2007

Sunburned and satisfied

Hammering is harder than it looks.

That's what I learned Saturday as I joined the Fuller Center volunteers in Allendale for the first day of this year's Blitz build. As Shane said last week, it really was a very cool day to work.

We gathered at about 8 a.m. for a short devotion standing on the slab of the house at Alston Street and Allen Avenue (the First Baptist house). After the prayer and a short safety instruction we started carrying walls. By 11:30, the walls were all in place and it was time to wrap the house. When I left at 4, the roof trusses had been put in place and it looked like a house. Amazing what good planning and hard work can do.

Even more amazing were the good hearts of the experienced folks out there. Their patience with me and other inexperienced volunteers was endless and their support and encouragement was genuine and inspiring. It made this ridiculous sunburn I have worth it.

Three houses were started Saturday and the other six will get moving today. In the next hour or so I'll head out there and let y'all know what I see.

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Elizabeth said...

This is an amazing story to watch unfold. Thank you for sharing it with us.