Monday, September 3, 2007

Lisa Sewell

Today I stopped by the Fuller Center site and not surprisingly Glen Barton and his team of workers were out there getting ready for the blitz build, even on a day when most of the rest of us are relaxing at home.

I got a chance to chat with Lisa Sewell who was sorting nails leftover from previous projects. Lisa is a veteran of the US Army, served during the first Gulf War and now works in the mail room for the City of Shreveport.
Although Lisa works full time and cares for six children, she has also found time to go back to school and just two weeks ago graduated with a Bachelor's degree in humanities from Louisiana Tech Universtiy. She hopes to take her certification test soon and become a teacher.

Lisa will be getting a four bedroom house in the 1500 block of Alston St. and says although she has to work during the week, will be taking a few days off to work alongside the volunteers coming to build her family's new home in Allendale.

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