Thursday, September 20, 2007

Back to Work

Today marks my first day back in " the office." It's a shame, but I suppose all good things (like getting paid by my company to volunteer) must come to an end. However, that doesn't mean they could keep me away from the site altogether.

After my morning assignment I stopped by to check out the progress and also shoot a photo for an upcoming feature on the VOA traveling art bazaar. The work has slowed some while the contractors catch up. I mean hey, just cause they are pros doesn't mean they can always keep up with the Army of Ants!

The flooring contractors had gotten a start on House #9 and the drywall contractors were still trying to catch up on Clay Street.

I was going to go in and help the elves this evening, but Glen assures me they have more than enough locals signed up for tonight.

Dedications start tomorrow at 1:30 for the rehab houses and after that are the dedications for the nine new houses. I will be out to cover them and hope to see you guys there!

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