Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Fullers' story

I've told some of Millard Fuller's story before, and it's a fascinating tale of love and loss and redemption. A couple of books -- for sale at the work site -- give more details of the story. Even better they feature Shreveport fairly prominently as the first big project of The Fuller Center for Housing.

"The House that Love Built" by Bettie Youngs is a biography of Mr. Fuller and his wife, Linda. It goes through his first career as a lawyer to the founding of Habitat for Humanity to the falling out with the Habitat board and the founding of The Fuller Center for Housing. Shreveport-Bossier Community Renewal founder Mack McCarter wrote an afterword praising the Fullers for their work in Allendale.

Fuller wrote "Building Materials for Life," a series of short essays detailing lessons he learned on various builds. Again, his experiences in Shreveport are discussed. I've read a few of them, and they're pretty inspiring.

Both books are available through the Fuller Center website, www.fullercenter.org.

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